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MultiView Dome


This state of the art equipment (see technical details), which will be exhibited at the 3D-COFORM summer exhibition, will be available for local organisations to test it. It is specifically designed to acquire artefacts with complex materials. Hence, we invite you to bring artefacts to be acquired for free. As a result, you can get all the resulting data (images and textured 3D model). The following points are important to consider:

DOs and DON'Ts

  • DO bring artefacts with smaller than ~ 22 cm3
  • DO allow enough time for its acquisition and post-processing. For this you will need to leave the artefact with us for a couple of days.
  • DO decide whether you would like to keep all data acquired with you. In which case you will need a large disk space (~3 TB) in your workplace; or only a 3D model. You will be able to download the data from a link available on the Internet. Otherwise, you can buy a large hard-drive which contains the data.
  • DON'T bring artefacts which are fragile. Although we will take great care in the acquisition process; the equipment is experimental and we cannot accept responsibility for damage which is caused to fragile artefacts.
  • If you would like to bring an artefact for acquisition, please contact us.

Technical Details

Equipped with 11 industry grade cameras, 4 projectors, a turntable and a total of 198 individually switchable light-sources, the Multiview Dome is designed to allow an automatic and rapid acquisition of the full appearance of many opaque objects. This allows for the free full-3D observation and arbitrary relighting of the digitized artefacts. The important difference to more commonplace laser- or structured-light-based systems is that light- and view-dependent changes in appearance - which in reality can be observed on virtually every material - are captured as well.

Approximately 240,000 digital images of the object are taken fully automatically in a single capture session, lasting from 6 to 10 hours. The resulting virtual surrogate consists of a very detailed 3D mesh and a matching bi-directional texture function (BTF). The latter being a well-suited image based format for illumination- and view-dependent material appearance: The BTF offers generation of faithful images, relighting, interactive viewing and compact storage.

This setup is especially meant to be deployed for objects exhibiting interesting material effects, fine details or rich ornaments. The virtual surrogate can provide the observer with the same impression as if inspecting the real artefact, making it even possible to investigate properties such as material composition, cracks and scratches or wear.
In contrast to previous full appearance capture setups, the Multiview Dome can be disassembled into separate parts and easily transported and re-assembled to allow on-site capture.

objects dome

To see examples of objects acquired with the dome (requires use of suitable PC), please see here.

The Multi View Dome will run from 27 July - 24 August (weekdays only), 10:00 - 17:00, Studio Room 203A